how to use Lynx command line web browser

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Lynx Command line web browser

Lynx is a great way to surf internet using the terminal console. It is basically a text based browser and can be used from any linux system. It does not download images, so it can be used when you want to surf any text bases website and ignore the ads on the site.

It can be started as follows.

 # lynx 

This will open the website in the terminal. Though it is not that much pretty but it is definitely usable.

To accept all cookies from a website, use the following command.

 # lynx -accept_all_cookies 

This will allow us to accept the cookies, which are needed to visit few websites.

Use the following switch to pass UserID and Password to open a password protected link

 # -auth=ID:PASSWD 

To download the contents of a webpage use the following command,

 # lynx -dump "" ><a title="test" href="">test</a>.txt 

The above command will store all the html page in plain text format in the file named test.txt

Lynx is very handy tool for web browsing while in command line on Linux system. If its not already installed, you can install it as follows.

 # yum install lynx 

Up arrow, Down arrow and Tab keys are used to navigate to different links in a web page. The newer version of lynx supports ssl content, so we can use lynx to browse https sites also.


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