Food to lower LDL Cholesterol Levels

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Lowering LDL Cholestrol can prevent stroke and other heart related problems. Nutrition is a major factor that can easily lower LDL cholesterol and as a matter of fact, all those who have always gone through this process are usually very glad with their results and this of course means a lot. Watching what you eat will definitely help you lower your your LDL Cholesterol. Some of the highly recommended food are:-

  • Olive Oil:-
    Using oil that has monosaturated fat can help lower LDL levels. Olive oil is proven to reduce LDL levels without impacting the HDL. Olive oil
    contains potent mix of antioxidants that helps reduce the LDL levels. Completely cut down on other oils and butter.
  • Omega-3 Fatty acids:-omega-3 fatty acids
    Eating baked or grilled fatty fish can reduce the risk of blood pressure and can avoid forming of a clot. Fishes are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and have been proven to be very healthy if consumed in desirable amounts without adding any extra fatty acids. Doctors recommend eating fish twice a week should be sufficient.

  • High Fiber Food:-
    Consuming food rich in soluble fiber can reduce LDL levels in your body. Oat meal, Oat barn and barley are recommended to be excellent source and help lower your cholesterol levels. Adding a bowl of cereal daily in your diet is recommended to be excellent practice.

  • Nuts:-
    Adding nuts your diet will also bring down your cholesterol levels as they are rich in polysaturated fatty acids. Some of the recommended nuts are Pecans, Walnut, Peanut, Pinenut etc. Do not eat nuts that are sugar or salt coated. A handful a day should be good. Since they are high in calories consuming too much might result in gaining weight.
  • Sterols and Stanols:-
    Plant Sterols & Stanols blocks body from absorbing cholesterol from food. Consuming about 2grams of sterols or stanols a day can reduce LDL by 10%.

  • Avocado:-
    Avocado has monoturated fat and Beta-sitostrol. Both of these are beneficial in lowering the LDL levels. Monosaturated fat lowers the LDL levels in body whereas, beta-sitostrols blocks the body from absorbing the cholesterol. This is why Avocado is recommended as excellent for lowering LDL. A daily consumption of 1/2 or 1 Avocado is sufficient.

  • Consuming fruits rich in pectin can also help lower LDL levels. Some of the recommended fruits are Apple, Strawberries, Grapes & Citrus fruits.


Cholesterol: Top 5 foods to lower your numbers

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